8pm showtime


Paul Peterson-bass and guitar
Eric Leeds-saxophones, flute, & keyboards
Peter Schimke-keyboards
Petar Janjic-drums
Stokely Williams-drums, percussion, & vocals

L.P. Music, aka Leeds-Peterson Music features Grammy Award Winning saxophonist Eric Leeds, and multi-instrumentalist St. Paul Peterson.

L.P. Music blends the funk and jazz roots of Leeds and Peterson, and allows these true musicians a platform to express themselves.

The concept is freedom…improvisation.

No preconceived melodies or songs…..just a groove and a key…the rest is up to the imagination of L.P. and their stellar cast of special guests. Usually accompanied by an additional keyboard player, drummer and DJ, these musicians converse with each other, and the interaction is an incredible site to be seen.

Their initial gig was at historic 1 st Avenue in June, 2013, when D’Angelo and Questlove from the Roots asked them to come and play. What ensued was a 20 minute song , leaving the sold out crowd screaming for more!

Music critic Jon Bream said, “ They invited some “legendary luminaries from Minnesota” (Questlove’s words, since he did almost all the talking onstage) — longtime Prince saxophonist Eric Leeds and bassist/singer Paul Peterson, and later Mint Condition frontman Stokley Williams — … Suddenly, with these extra players, D’Angelo was transformed into a performer, not just an introverted keyboardist lost in his own groove. He clearly relished Leed’s expressive sax (though he was startled when Leeds later played D’Angelo’s keys). Peterson contributed funky lead vocals and a classic Minneapolis Sound bass line.