10:30pm doors/11pm showtime

$10 in advance/$12 at the door




UMAMI has forged their sound since the fall of 2010 through an approach that has been equal parts reckless abandon and calculated design. Drawing inspiration mostly from electronic dance music and psychedelic rock, their sound is strange, but oddly accessible. UMAMI is Angelo Pennacchio on vocals, Peter Blomgren on guitar, Tim Bass on bass, Charlie Smith on synths/production and Andrew Finseth on drums/percussion.

Pony Bwoy:


Pony Bwoy is the latest project from rapper/singer/provocateur Jeremy Nutzman (aka Spyder Baybie Raw Dog), this time teaming up with producer Hunter Morley. Departing from his usual antics as a drugged-up after-party boy late to the club, Nutzman has now blossomed into a soulful smooth-talker, with vocal chops and rhythmic control of uncanny proportions. This transformation is no doubt a result of his collaborating with Morley and his forward thinking R&B-inspired production. The songs of Pony Bwoy vary from dance floor anthems to late-night chill zone lullabies for intimacy. 


c.Kostra is Ryan Olcott's solo bedroom gaze-faze project. Former frontman of 12 Rods, Mystery Palace and Foodteam, Ryan reemerges as a beat-y warped guitar and cassette noir vocodist.