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Testicular cancer is a terrifying diagnosis. Erik thought he had beat cancer when he was a senior in high school. After 14 years, the cancer reared its ugly head again. Erik's cancer is rare. A recurrence after this long is even rarer. It is going to be a long journey. It started with standard chemo therapy and is continuing with salvage chemotherapy. The chemo will continue until the tumor, which is located in the abdomen behind all major organs, is shrunk enough to be surgically removed safely. All this could take 5 or 6 months during which Erik's health forces him to stop working. We are asking for help to pay for medical bills and living expenses through this battle.

How you can you help?

Attend the fundraiser on Sunday, May 24

Take part in the Silent Auction which will end at 6:30

Donate online through Indiegogo at

The Lindstrom family thanks you for your consideration.