Michael Hauser is one of a handful of flamenco guitar masters residing in the United States today. Mr. Hauser has traveled to Spain where he began his lifelong love affair with the intrinsically Spanish folk art... flamenco. The son of two well-known artists, Michael Hauser has studied with a number of Spain's great flamenco guitarists including Luis Maravilla, Niño Ricardo, Justo de Badajoz, and Juan Maya "Marote". He has also studied classical guitar with Andrés Segovia's classical guitar protégé Jesus Silva. Michael Hauser has performed in Europe and the Far East. He has completed numerous college and community tours as a soloist, as part of the Hauser Guitar Duo (with his brotherTony, an accomplished classical guitarist), and as first guitarist with a number of Spanish dance companies. He is one of the founders of the well-known flamenco dance company,ZORONGO FLAMENCO(, and served as musical director and first guitarist for several years. Michael Hauser is sometimes referred to as "The Father of Flamenco in the Midwest".Mr. Hauser is also currently on the music faculty at Macalester Collegein St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. He teaches flamenco guitar. Course Description: Study of techniques involved in picado, arpeggio, tremolo, and rasqueado. Intensive study of various rhythms and styles including Sevillanas, Soleares, Alegrias, Siguiryas, Tango, Bulerias, Tiento, etc. Introduction to basic flamenco dance and song accompaniment. Includes discussion of the Gypsy and Moor influence on the history of the art form.