$8 IN ADVANCE/$10 AT THE DOOR - 11:00 PM


10:30pm doors/11pm showtime

Sam Cassidy:
Sometimes it just takes a while for things to come into focus. Debts is the first collection of songs from Minneapolis' Sam Cassidy. Written over the last few years, Cassidy draws on the life of ordinary people as well as his own experiences to paint vivid pictures of struggle and joy, hard work and taking it easy, longing and satisfaction. 

Debts was tracked in three studios over ten months and culls the talents of eight musicians in two separate backing bands. Cassidy recorded a set of tracks live at the Terrarium, calling on longtime friends the Red Daughters- Tony Beres, Mark Hanson, Aaron "Hix" Lee, Charlie Murlowski, and Ryan Zickermann. More songs were recorded with the All Night Canyons - a group of talented musicians pulled together for these sessions including Jeremy Hanson (Tapes 'n Tapes, Actual Wolf), Rob Skoro (Mason Jennings, Haley Bonar), Steve Bosmans (Charn, John Mark Nelson), and Hix (Red Daughters, Dirt Road Ramblers).

The whole process took nearly two years to complete, with Cassidy operating on a working man's budget, hitting the studio when time and money allowed. A cabinetmaker by trade, Cassidy's blue-collar ethic rings throughout the young songwriter's debut, especially on tracks like "Caffeine" and the lead single "Hard Road."

"Hallelujah" speaks of an old man with whom a young bar patron has had enough. "Reason to Stay" returns to the same old man and offers his side of the story. The title track tells of someone who gets in over his head and ends up paying his debts the hard way, while "Please Say No" begs an old friend to clean up his act. Cassidy's ability to write a song from the everyman's point of view is the thread that strings Debts together. It's that constant search and struggle that keeps life interesting, to hoping it all works out.

Recently named one of First Avenue's Best New Bands of 2014, Cassidy's music music has been described as a "unique brand of hard-luck, blue-collar rock" with "a true ear for timeless melodies". Often backed by a sprawling backing band, his dynamic live show is not to be missed. 

Tropical Depression:
TROPICAL DEPRESSION is the eponymous album and latest project of Minneapolis based veterans ERIK APPELWICK (Tapes n Tapes, Vicious Vicious, Olympic Hopefuls), MARTIN DOSH (Dosh, Andrew Bird), JAMES BUCKLEY (Gayngs, The Pines), and ADAM KRINSKY (Mason Jennings, Peter Wolf Crier).  The album is an outrageous odyssey and celebration of  debauchery and nautical adventure with beautifully crafted songs and melodies painted in post-disco and dreamy synth-pop that plays out like a mix tape mailed to a girlfriend in 1987 capturing the essence of an alternate reality in which Miami Vice meets The Cure and together they travel 30 years into the future and the unlikely team of Crockett, Tubbs and Smith record an album in a yacht called The AVTOMATIK.