$6 - 9:00 PM


8:30pm doors/9pm showtime

Calamity & the Owl:
Jared D. Killfoil (Vocals), Joshua James Killfoil (Guitar, Vocals), Raquel Sidie-Wagner (Percussion, Vocals), Mike ‘Razz’ Russel (Fiddle, Banjo, Vocals), Jac Cornelius (Electric guitar, Steel, Vocals)

Brother’s Jared and Joshua Killfoil hail from the Red River Valley of northeastern North Dakota, where they were raised on the traditional Americana music of their grandfather’s Pentecostal church. Their sincere songwriting and powerful vocal harmonies define the sound of bluegrass/alt-country upstarts Calamity & The Owl.

Calamity’s debut EP The Hot Trash Sessions is a collection of inspiringly original songs that marks the inaugural release of Jokertown Records.

The Fattenin’ Frogs:
A six member roots rock & roll band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Fattenin’ Frogs play rock & roll music in its original spirit by turning up the intensity on traditional American music. With a style developed by electrifying a mix of early blues, country, folk, gospel, and jazz, they aim to bring rock music back to its roots. The Fattenin’ Frogs play a mix of original songs and interpretations of classics by likes of Robert Johnson, Son House, Etta James, Blind Willie Johnson and Muddy Waters. Since 2010 the band has hosted an annual tribute to Howlin’ Wolf and in 2011 hosted a tribute to the music of O’ Brother Where Art All. The band is know for their energetic live shows and creative mixing of musical styles.
The band was formed in early 2009 as a blues trio consisting of Berek Awend on slide guitar and piano, Chris Holm on harmonica and vocals, and Mark Larson on drums but soon after evolved to a five piece unit with the additions of Casie Siekman on vocals and fiddle and Paul Delong on bass guitar. A female vocal group informally known as “The Lily Pads”, consisting primarily of Danielle Scofield and Amanda Awend was formed to record backing vocals on the band’s debut album and soon after, was incorporated into the band. The band’s self titled debut was released in April 2011. In 2012, Casie left the band and was replaced by Amanda White. The band released their second album, “12 Bars” in December 2013. Berek and Amanda Awend have since left the band and Michael Lloyd has taken over the guitar and piano duties.