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9th House Ensemble:

Aside from both working w/each other in the past and being fans of one another, the MCs are both Sagittarius'. The idea was to come together for a Sagittarius themed project w/many Sagittarius references, while delivering a new sound for fans. The two, along w/some of their new favorite producers, have created a universal sound that old and new fans can appreciate.

Featuring production from J.Hard, M¥K, and Orko Eloheim, as well as the vocal contributions of Proper-T (of Zulu Zuluuand Solflower Collective) and Lady Midnight (of Vandaam), 9th House is the outcome of diverse sonic influences, both timeless and fresh by Hip Hop standards.  I Self and Muja masterfully drift through a variety of deep topics, flowing between cutting social commentary, honest self-reflection, and time-tested wisdom to help bring this unique project to life.

I Self Devine:

I Self Devine is a musician, MC, community organizer, racial justice trainer, graffiti artist, muralist, and Program Coordinator and Director Of Organizing And Community Building at Hope Community Center in Minneapolis. Chaka is recognized as one of the crucial figures in the revitalization of graffiti art in the Twin Cities, and has released over 10 albums of politically conscious socially aware music. At Hope Community, Chaka’s work with very diverse, largely low-income teens and young adults, is impacting individual lives and collectively helping to bring change to a challenged community.





Muja Messiah:

Muja Messiah is a fixture. Where the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are known for their transience, for being progressive mirages in the frozen tundra that is the upper Midwest, the rapper is resolute, unflinching, unblinking. An illustrious career as a writer and performer has solidified Muja as one of the greatest and most revered artists of it's storied rap scene.





Baby Shel:

A rapid-tongued and intense MC, Baby Shel reflects the bleakness of his settings in some of his hardest, heaviest songs. More often than not, though, his songs are about escapism and rising above. He said, “I want to be known as a rapper who just happens to be native, not a native hip-hop artist.” Likewise, he said, he also hopes to portray the reservation in a more positive light.




DJ Keezy:




DJ Just Nine:

Mica May Grimm: