• Icehouse MPLS (map)
  • 2528 Nicollet Avenue South
  • Minneapolis, MN, 55404
  • United States


Finally, the long awaited release of Icehouse & Elsewhere by FOTHOU (Fall of the House of Usher), a 70 minute live/studio hybrid album recorded over the last two years— featuring Greg Schutte, Chris Bates, Cole Pulice, Adrian Larkin, Chris Thompson, Chris Cunningham, Ivan Cunningham, Charlie Lincoln, Nathan Hanson, Adam Conrad, Elliott Wachs, Jon Davis, Adam Svec, and many other extremely talented musical voices that roam the sonic free-range of the Twin Cities. Additionally, this mostly live release captures the unique energy of Icehouse, one of the most progressive music venues in the US.

“Resembles jazz from a safe distance— but upon closer scrutiny, poses a security threat to many genres of music.” some music writer guy from Colorado

Music by Igor Stravinsky, Bernard Herrmann, John McLauglin, Tamrat Fèrèndji, and Chris Cunningham. An Ecstatomatic Prod produced and released by Ecstatomatic Prods.