$8 in advance/$10 at the door

10:30pm doors/11pm showtime




Reina Del Cid:

Faced with the question of influences, Reina del Cid cites literary rather than musical heroes. The songwriter commands a flexibility of language reminiscent less of Regina Spektor or Ingrid Michaelson, artists she is often compared to, but more of Virginia Woolf or Sylvia Plath. Yet there is a Newtonian balance of forces in Reina del Cid’s band: for every droll phrase or inventive image pushing the music toward the realm of the cerebral, there is a corresponding musical contribution from the richly talented Toni Lindgren. The young guitarist is adept at orchestrating and fleshing out the skeletons of del Cid’s songs into an engaging brand of pop rock, equal parts stratified and accessible. These lyrical and musical forces have never combined more compellingly than in the band’s sophomore album, The Cooling. Recorded at the historic Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, the new album is marked by "sizzling folk wisdom" (Maximum Ink), and "a chilling, string-kissed ode to the slipping from life to death . . . a delicious collection of songs" (Playback:stl).



The Meadows:

Pete Linman (North Equator Nine, Idedit, Rhea Valentine), Wendy Lewis (Rhea Valentine, Redstart, The Bad Plus) and Jeff Waryan (Figures, Spirit House Trio) have shared rock bands, stages and studio time.  
Some of you may know Wendy from her work on the 2009 Bad Plus album "For All I Care."  Wendy and her partner Brent Sigmeth also run a recording studio outside Cannon Falls called LittleBig Studio.