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The iNMiGRATiON site-specific installation performance series returns to Icehouse - featuring live "orchestra pit" sounds by all-star collective sans le systeme (SLS) with the Free Range Orchestra and Choir, and live projections by video artist Brian Dehler aka Pixelflex, plus live performance cameos throughout the space. Featuring Martin Dosh, Sarah White, Jayanthi Kyle (Gospel Machine), Cory Healy, dVRG, Truth Maze, Chastity Brown, Jacqueline Ultan, Ben Durrant, Ben Clark, DJ Dennis Conrad, and poet Jeffrey Skemp, with live video projections by video artist Brian Dehler, aka Pixelflex.




Sans le systeme: 

Sans le systeme (SLS) is an experimental collective music / performance project led by James Everest (Lateduster, Grave Trio, WAREY, Catalyst Dance). iNMiGRATiON is a new installation series that brings together a diverse mix of migrating musicians, video artists, and performers to create multi-layered spontaneous, improvised site-specific environments for which SLS provides a live score from the "orchestra pit". Fostering the same approach used in previous groundbreaking Minneapolis experimental music showcases FREELOADED (1996-98) and CROSSFADED (2001-04), The iNMiGRATiON series provides a fertile opportunity for fresh collaborations and approaches, creating energized environments that anyone can tap into.